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Welcome to the exciting world of competitive age group swimming! By joining USA Swimming, your child has become a member of one of the country’s largest, most organized, and competently coached youth sports. In addition to the coaches’ influence, with a positive attitude and a willingness to lend a hand, you can also have a great impact on your child's athletic environment and his or her love of swimming. There are many benefits to participating in the sport of swimming: Meeting terrific people (many swimming buddies become lifelong friends); beneficial exercise for cardiovascular and overall fitness; life skills (which include time management, self-discipline, and sportsmanship); and fun and safe environment! Remember - not every swimmer becomes a world record holder, but EVERY SWIMMER can gain from the experience of being on a swim team!


To create champions through the pursuit of excellence in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. Our training philosophy of technique first will help build skills for swimming, winning, and life.


The Helena Dolphins Swim Team will have a reputation of producing passionate, inspired, and high producing swimmers, coaches, and parents; we will be known on the state and national level. Coaching staff is committed to instilling in each athlete the three core values of USA Swimming: Build the Base, Promote the Sport, and Achieve Competitive Success.


The Helena Dolphins Swim Team have adopted three core objectives from USA Swimming. These core objectives establish the foundation of the strategic business plan for our sport. The Helena Dolphins Swim Team encourages all members to participate in the local, regional, and national efforts to ensure that these objectives are accomplished.

We seek to expand our membership to share our sport with as many other people as possible. We are especially committed to sharing the values of our sport with young people who may discover that swimming is an activity they can enjoy for their entire life.


We want swimming to receive as much publicity as possible because we believe that the more people learn about our sport the more inclined they will be to join the ranks of our membership. We are proud of our sport and we seek to celebrate it whenever possible.


USA Swimming has been ranked as the number one swimming organization in the world for more than 40 years. We seek to continue this tradition of competitive excellence. When our elite athletes are successful in fulfilling their Olympic dreams, our society benefits from the inspiration these athletes give us.

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