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In order to participate in certain meets, swimmers must meet a specific time standard. These standards get faster as swimmers progress and move up in skill and performance level.


State/LSC Level

The first qualifying meet swimmers are eligible for is the State/LSC Championship at the end of each short course (SC) and long course (LC) season.  You can find additional information on qualifying for the MT State Championship meets here: Entry Rules.  

2021-2024 National Age Group Motivational Times: Standards

2021-2024 MT State Championship Meets: 8&U / 13-21 50s: Standards


Regional Level

The next level is often referred to as regional meets, which include teams from ~5-8 different LSCs, and swimmers qualify within their own age group.

AZ Holiday Swim Festival: 2021 Standards  

Northwest Age Group (NWAG) Regionals: 2020 Standards 

Southwest Age Group Regional (SWAGR) Championship: 2021-22 Standards 


Age Group Zone Level

The next level is the zone level, which for MT encompasses all of the LSCs in the Western Zone.  Swimmers usually compete for their LSC instead of club team and again qualify within their age group.

Age Group Western Zone Championship: 2022 Standards 


Senior Zone/Sectional Level

All meets at this level and up are considered "senior" meets, meaning swimmers must meet a certain time, regardless of age.  Senior Zones, Sectionals, and Futures make up this next tier.  

Western Zone Senior Championship: 2022 Standards  

Spring Senior Sectionals Championship: 2021-22 Standards  

Summer Senior Sectional Championship: 2022 Standards  

Futures Championships: 2022 Standards 

Junior National Level

The first level of national meets is the Junior National level with standards for winter and summer.  

Winter Junior National Championship: 2022 Standards 

Summer Junior National Championship: 2022 Standards  


National Level

Finally, the US Open, National Championship, and Olympic Trials make up the top tier of swimming in the US.

US Open Championship: 2022 Standards  

National Championship: 2022 Standards 

U.S. Olympic Trials: 2024 Standards  /  2021 (Tokyo 2020) Entry Rules & Standards

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