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This schedule is effective as of April 1, 2024.

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Practice Attendance

We don't have practice attendance requirements, but we definitely encourage a minimum number of practices per week. We recommend the above ideal attendance per group so that you can maintain realistic expectations of what your athlete will get out of the program, but nothing is required. The swimmers will get out of the program what they are willing and able to put in. Swimming is a sport in that you are really only getting better at it if you are doing it. There is a certain level of "feel" of the water that must be maintained on a weekly basis, as well as overall swim fitness. Riding your bike or going for a jog, unfortunately won't make you a better swimmer, though it can help with overall fitness. We offer three to four practices a week depending on the group in order to provide plenty of flexibility for young athletes to keep things balanced.

Practice Groups

Swimmers are placed into the training group that is developmentally appropriate. Swimmers may not go back into a group because you cannot attend the recommended practice times. 


Some of the most important factors driving group placement include:

  • Maturity (chronological age, physiological age, and emotional development)

  • Commitment (practice attendance, meet participation, the priority of the sport)

  • Training ability, and technique

Racing times are not a primary factor for group placement, although they may be an indirect factor as racing times translate to meet qualification and training needs. The swimmer’s group placement determines a floor, not a ceiling. This means that each group has different standards for membership (the floor) but does not have upper limits of achievement (the ceiling). Group placement does not communicate a coach’s belief about a swimmer’s potential.


Practice Discipline Policy – In order to make practices the most beneficial and safe for all, a discipline policy must be followed. Swimmers who are being disruptive or disrespectful to other swimmers or coaching staff will be dismissed from practice. During the first infraction, swimmers will be asked to sit out of practice. If the behavior continues at the next practice, swimmers will be asked to call their legal guardian to be picked up and explain why

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