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Swimmers are required to compete in at least 2 meets per season (1 each season, or 2 if you are swimming only one specific season). We believe that competition helps swimmers understand the reasoning behind what we do at practice, bond closer to their peers, and increases confidence.  While we have this swim meet requirement, we make sure that each swimmer is ready to head into competition as we want it to be a positive experience. Please work with Coach Alana to determine when your swimmer is ready for their first swim meet. 


There are two swim seasons in Montana Swimming that HDST participates in:


Short Course (25 yards/25 meter) 



Long Course (50 yards/50 meters)

April - August


Entry fees (set by the  meet host), lodging, and travel expenses are not paid by HDST. HDST will try to get group rates at hotels when appropriate to help with travel costs.  


What charges are included in “meet fees”? 


Individual event fees - this can range from $2.00 or more, depending on the level of swim meet and meet hosts. These fees are paid to the host team by HDST in one check. HDST then invoices individual members’ accounts for the charges. 


Swimmer Surcharge: This is a fee charged ONCE to all swimmers who attend a meet and is also set by the meet host. 


Relays: Relay fees are covered by HDST and will not be charged to your account.


HDST team fee: This is a fee collected by HDST to help defray the cost of staffing meets. Meet staffing costs include mileage, per diem, and lodging costs. This fee is invoiced with meet fees above to all HDST athletes participating in a given meet. 

In-state HDST team fee: $20.00

Out of state: varies pending on meet level and distance. Will be noted when meet information is sent out.


Total meet fees invoiced to a swimmer are then: 

Swimmer surcharge + individual event fee + HDST team fee

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